The Leaderboard Golf Swing Training Aid

There are many golf swing training aids on the market today, but the Leaderboard golf aid is the one that is always talked about. Naturally, there are always golfers that say the Leaderboard golf trainer doesn’t work. So, let’s take an objective look at this unique golf swing training aid.

The Leaderboard Golf Trainer

The Leaderboard Golf Trainer is a golf swing aid that is used to improve your swing and strengthen your golf specific muscles – this will enable you to hit the ball further and with more accuracy and consistency.

Who is the Leaderboard Designed For?

First, as it is adjustable, it can be used by golfers of all sizes, including even the youngest of golfers. It will operate faultlessly, even with golfers up to 350 pounds and up to 6 feet 9 inches in height. It is also for right or left handed golfers.

The golfing beginner will benefit from the Leaderboard by learning the perfect golf swing since the beginning. Also, the more advanced golfer will benefit by improving a defective golf swing or if they suffer from any of these swing faults:

  • Slicing
  • Reverse Pivot
  • Sliding Hips
  • Coming over the Top
  • Topped or Fat Shots
  • Poor Tempo, Balance or Posture

Many of the World’s top PGA professionals use the Leaderboard to perfect their swing and increase their power. Just imagine, you could be using the same golf swing training aid that Stuart Appleby, Adam Scott, Geoff Ogilvy, Michael Campbell, Mike Weir, Aaron Baddeley, Robert Allenby, KJ Choi and over 30 other touring pros use to strengthen their key muscles used during the golf swing to hit the ball further and greatly improve their consistency.

How it Works

By using the Leaderboard, you will simplify the complexities of the golf swing and build a solid foundation. You stand on a sliding resistance platform which allows you to train while swinging a club or performing a range of golf specific exercises. The Leaderboard locks your lower body in position which allows the upper body to rotate around this stable base. This is the foundation of an efficient, powerful swing seen in the PGA Tour professionals’ game.

The Leaderboard not only ingrains synchronized movement, but it also increases the golfer’s power by strengthening the golf specific muscles used during the golf swing. It does this with the use of an adjustable resistance skate board which programs more power into your lower body – There are variable resistance Power Cords located under the sliding skate.

Stuart Appleby

“It is not a coincidence that since I have been using the Leaderboard as a key component in my training, my driving distance has increased tremendously. This is the first year that my average driving distance is over 300 yards which includes 3 drives over 400 yards! The funny thing about it is that I don’t feel like I am swinging any harder, just simply more efficiently with my core muscles. Why have effortless power when you can have power effortlessly. I have found that Leaderboard has automatically done this for me.”


I have reviewed golf swing training aids that are based on the same fundamentals – improved golf swing and strengthened key muscles. One was cheaper, The Speed Stik, and one was more expensive, The Explanar; both are good golf training aids, but I have never seen  a golf training aid that is used by so many of the top PGA golfers on the Tour today.
Check out the Leaderboard Golf Swing Training Aid today, and see how the Leaderboard can really help your golf game.

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